Waning Moon Menopause Ritual

Embracing the Waning Moon: A Ritual for Release and Renewal

Setting the Scene

Sacred Space:
Select a tranquil space that invites a connection with the waning moon's energy. Arrange an altar adorned with symbols representing release and renewal—perhaps a bowl of water, dried leaves, and images capturing the essence of the waning moon.

Soft Illumination:
Enhance the atmosphere with the soft glow of candles. Let their subdued radiance encourage introspection and reflection.

Opening the Ritual

Centring Meditation:
Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and release any lingering tension. Visualise the waning moon's serene light guiding you through a process of release and renewal.

Stand before the altar, addressing the waning moon as your guide.
"Waning moon, assist me in releasing what no longer serves. Your diminishing light symbolises the shedding of burdens. Illuminate my path to renewal and cleansing."

Ritual Activities

Release and Let Go:
Write down habits, thoughts, or emotions you wish to release. Safely burn or bury these representations, symbolising the letting go of what no longer serves you.
Example releases: Self-doubt, fear, past regrets.

Engage in a meditative practice during the waning moon. Visualise releasing old energies, making space for new, positive aspects in your life.

Example meditation focus: Visualising a gentle stream carrying away negative energies.

Symbolic Action:
Perform a symbolic action, such as placing dried leaves in a bowl of water. Watch as they float away, symbolising the release of burdens and the flow of positive energy.

Closing the Ritual

Express gratitude for the waning moon's guidance in the process of release. Acknowledge the space created for positive renewal and cleansing.

Closing Affirmation:
Face the waning moon and declare a closing affirmation.
"As the moon wanes, so does what no longer serves me. I am in harmony with the cycles of release and renewal, guided by the waning moon's cleansing energy."

Closing Meditation:
Conclude the ritual with a short meditation, absorbing the waning moon's energy into your being.

Closing Thoughts:
The waning moon ritual offers a symbolic journey of letting go, allowing the moon's gentle light to cleanse and renew, paving the way for positive transformations in your life.

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Much Love & Blessings

Julia xxx

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