Waxing Moon Menopause Ritual

Embracing the Waxing Moon: A Guided Ritual for Growth and Renewal

Setting the Scene

Sacred Space:

Begin by choosing a serene location where the moon's energy is palpable. Arrange an altar adorned with symbols that hold personal significance, such as a reflective surface, a crescent moon ornament, and items that resonate with your individual journey.

Soft Illumination:

Illuminate the sacred space with the soft glow of candles or fairy lights. Allow their gentle radiance to create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and connection with the moon's transformative energy.

Opening the Ritual

Centring Meditation:

Commence the ritual with a meditative practice to ground yourself. Inhale tranquility and exhale any residual tension. Picture the waxing moon casting its guiding light upon your life's path.


Stand within the embrace of the moonlight and address the moon as a guide.

"Waxing moon, lead me through this phase of life's journey. Your burgeoning light symbolises the potential for personal growth and renewal. Illuminate my path and empower my steps."

Ritual Activities

Setting Intentions:

Reflect on your life's journey and set intentions for growth and renewal. Capture these intentions in writing, concentrating on aspects of your life that you wish to develop and transform.

Example intentions: Embrace newfound wisdom, cultivate inner strength, explore new passions.

Moonlit Affirmations:

Stand beneath the waxing moon and articulate your intentions as affirmations. Feel the energy of the growing moon infusing these affirmations with renewed strength and purpose.

Example affirmations: I embrace the wisdom of my journey, I am strong and resilient, I welcome new passions into my life.

Symbolic Action:

As a symbolic gesture, kindle a candle representing your inner flame. Witness its glow intensify, symbolising the waxing moon's influence on your inner strength and growth.

Closing the Ritual


Express gratitude for the waxing moon's guidance. Acknowledge the transformative energy it has bestowed upon your intentions and your journey.

Closing Affirmation:

Face the waxing moon and declare a closing affirmation.

"As the moon waxes, so does my inner strength and wisdom. I am in harmony with the cycles of growth, guided by the moon's transformative light."

Closing Meditation:

Conclude the ritual with a brief meditation, absorbing the waxing moon's energy into your being.

Closing Thoughts

This ritual serves as a poignant connection between your life's journey, the transformative energy of the waxing moon, and the endless possibilities for growth and renewal that lie ahead.

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