Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a meditation practice that allows you to deeply relax, to experience a profound connection with your authentic self. It brings about an incredible clarity, quietness and calmness to the body and mind allowing you to access the deeper states of consciousness.

Yoga Nidra to be a systematic powerful meditation, your body is completely still allowing you to physically rest and restore, your breathing finds a steady rhythmic pattern, enabling your mind to gently focus, relinquishing any need to control. Yoga Nidra holistically supports your physical, neurological and subconscious requirements.

The Yoga Nidra journey takes you through many levels of consciousness, beginning with the waking state, past the dreaming state and beyond deep sleep to the higher states of transcendence. It is here that the seeds planted through your intention (sankalpa) come to fruition.

Practicing on a regular basis you will feel truly connected, physically, mentally and spiritually. When our mind has detached from the busy chattering and your inner stillness has been awakened, illumination of the spirit can unfold.

Yoga Nidra uniquely unravels our nervous system, which is the foundation of well-being.