11:11 Gateway Activation

Earth Angel …

Tomorrow November 11th, at 11:11 am an energetic catalyst will take place wherever you are in the world. It’s referred to as the Master Number, which bears a celestial vibration, making dreams and wishes easily come to life. It is also believed that the number 11 is the number of spiritual awakening that symbolises the ascension of consciousness.

1111 is the number celestial beings, angels, and spirits use to communicate with us, to help us walk our path, be in our light and guide us in making things brighter.

So, 1111 is about walking on our destined path and vibrating in the frequency of our dreams and wishes. The 11th day of the 11th month of a year becomes extraordinary occurrence because this vibration of the number 11 becomes more potent, making it magical, enchanting and highly auspicious for all of us.

Consider code 1111 as four pillars, an awakening code representing higher access to the higher realms of spirit and your highest divine truth.

I have created a guided visualisation in preparation for tomorrow’s energetic portal, an opportunity to ‘tune in’, an awakening, an energetic boost … empowering you, calling you, supporting you, harnessing your higher divine connection. So you may receive crystal clear guidance, inspiration, and clarity as to how you can best serve and support yourself on your individualised soul journey through the physical and how you can support the greater whole by stepping into more of your divine truth, being of service at a higher level, in the highest interest of all.

1111 Gateway Activation
One of the ways in which this gateway works is that there are four pillars of archangelic energy representing 1111. Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel, each archangelic being represents one of the ones in the 1111 pillar.

Through this, the archangel energy will create a sacred space, a divine container, and a mystical portal for you to activate and access your inner light codes, your Ascension Pillar of light.

Imagine your spinal column as your Ascension Pillar, activating your sacred vortexes, the chakras and bringing all your energy centres into a state of balance, harmony and oneness. So that the earth energy, and the etheric life force energy, can fully anchor into your physical being and flow, streaming up to access the highest divine aspects of you, the highest levels of awareness, guidance, and truth available to you.

Your Ascension Pillar of light by which you can ground into the heart of the crystalline earth, receiving and connecting with the Ascension codes, energy, and blessings and healing of the awakened earth light.

Through this Ascension column within the corridor of the 1111 gateway, you’re able to receive Ascension codes, divine downloads of love and light, to assist you to step into a higher level of your mastery, embody your divine truth and wisdom, understand, and then act upon the intuitive guidance available to you to support you in taking your very next step along the new timeline that’s emerging for you right now.

Another way of looking at the 1111 gateway is that this can be a point of timeline shift where you now shift into sync and harmony with the highest divine timeline for your Ascension, for your embodiment, for your fulfilment, for your life, open to receive a higher influx of divine light, divine downloads of love.

May all of your dreams, wishes and intentions come to fruition …

In love & light



11:11 Guided Visualisation

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