What is Wombology?

Womb-ology = Wisdom of the Womb or Womb Space.

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WWomb Wise Wholeness
OOriginate Ownership Orgasmic
MMajestic Magnificent Mother
BBirth Beauty Bare
OOpenness Opulent Orbital
LLove Luscious Liberation
OOvaries Oxytocin Osmosis
GGenerator Giving Guiding
YYoni Yearning Yes
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It has been known through out the ages that the womb is the greatest inner power a woman possesses: The Creatrix, potential to create on all levels, physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is through this capacity to create, we can not only conceive life but also the birth and cultivation of projects, personal healing, spiritual growth and intimate relationships.

However, because the womb stores the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter we have experienced, be that loving or not so loving, the innate voice of the womb is often suppressed or absent altogether, affecting the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of women and their relationships, with themselves and others.

The women’s wisdom lineage is like a golden thread, luminous and timeless, that weaves through the hearts and wombs of women who have taken on the sacred practice of birthing awakened consciousness through a woman’s body.

Wombology sessions are a sacred practice for women, it is not a mental theory for us to memorise or learn, rather it is a re-membering, an unfolding from deep within you, connecting to that innate primordial source.

Wombology Session can be uniquely crafted to your specific requirements

  • Self Care

  • Womb Yoga

  • Moon Cycles

  • Womb Breath

  • Shero’s Journey

  • Hormonal Balancing

  • Rituals & Ceremonies

  • Meditations & Visualisation

  • Transitional Guidance Program

  • Womb & Womb Space Wellness & Healing

“The divine Yoni is brilliant as tens of millions of suns and as cool as tens of millions of moons. Above the Yoni, there is a small and subtle flame, whose form is intelligence.”

Shiva Samhita 17th Century, India

The Four Seasons of Womanhood

Womanhood can be viewed as a whole, these phases or seasons are related to and be defined by the expression of her fertility and sexuality.

  • Maiden ~ Spring ~ birth to childbirth

  • Mother ~ Summer ~ childbirth to menopause

  • Maga ~ Autumn ~ menopause to retirement

  • Crone ~ Winter ~ retirement to death