Springtime Greetings ...

Something magical has been bubbling deep within me for quite some time. Over the last few months my spiritual quest has been that of an inward journey. It felt like being in a darkened room, with just the hint of light, 'something needed to be revealed'. Then the light began to grow ... I often speak and teach at great lengths about the power of illumination, be that self-illumination or being the light to assist others on their path. The light is the spark of creation ...

In tune with nature, I went within … a hibernation mission, not to sleep, in fact quite the contrary, to awaken my flame of creativity and sit on my well of creative source. A well of creativity which resides within each of us, that is never ending, flows continuously and is beginning of all creation.

Through the power of practice, Wild Woman Wisdom emerged!

As you walk around your neighbourhood maybe you have seen the signs of Her, a new beginning, an awakening from deep within the earth, evidence of the wild wisdom of the Great Mother Earth we call home?

I have definitely been guided and encouraged on this path of self-realisation. By spirit guides, ancestors, teachers, colleagues, peers, students, family and friends … some quite blatantly, others with a knowing look, that there is a possibility and potential for something magical … What's happening Julia?  What are you up to? … You knew, right?

So, let's get to it, how does one prepare for the heroines' journey …? OMG!!!

Fanfare, long velvet gowns, little crown, embroidered slippers, ha ha, that's in my mind.

Firstly, choose your destination; Where do you want to go? How would you like to live your life? Are you looking for great connection?

Secondly, you will require a map, guide or an outline … on this occasion regular GPS or Goggle Maps won't work.

You will need to download the updated version of PNS your very own Personal Navigation System … the rising and setting sun, the new moon and full moon, waxing and waning moon, nature and the elements, the great constellations, the universe will be your guide, source will light the way ... Oh my gosh, are you excited?

Come with me, welcome home … let me reveal to you Wild Woman Wisdom ...

As I write this, I feel like I am about to give birth, which in a way I am! Everything in life has a cycle; birth, life, death and rebirth, and so it continues. Taking a deep breath ….

Wild Woman Wisdom is a journey that follows the Wheel of the Year, in keeping with, but not exclusive to the Celtic Traditions. This first spiral will be for only 13 women, may I take this opportunity to share, it is not a teacher training, there are no practicums or exams. In fact, what I will share with you will be a re-membering, a re-wilding, on some level you will already know it. My role is to honourably shine a light on your wildest, wisest wisdom as a woman!

Wild Woman Wisdom, is a guide so you may live your life more connected to the rhythm and cycles of nature. In tune with the seasons, outside of you and within you, harnessing the energies of the Maiden, Mother, Maga and Crone.

However, if you are a yoga or meditation teacher, a holistic or complimentary therapist, a life coach or any other well-being practitioner, I will be sharing many tools, techniques, rituals, ceremonies and unique offerings that will very easily translate in an effective and valuable way into your teachings and practice.

Wild Woman Wisdom

What can you expect over the weekend gatherings?

To access your inner wisdom through divination, a reclamation of our innate wild power, movement, yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying, breathwork, singing, drumming, crafting and deep rest. We will explore and connect to the feminine archetypes from many cultures, harnessing their light and using their shadow to enable us to heal our wounds.


To increase the power of the transmissions, we will gather in person on the eight weekends coinciding with the eight festivals. The Wheel of The Year celebrates eight seasonal festivals known as "quarter days, cross quarter days, and Sabbats"  that mark the seasons and cycles of life. The wheel is a rhythmic map that brings us into cyclic wisdom with the earth and our own personal lives. Each festival observes the underlying energy of the earth and how this impacts us. The festivals remind us of the intimate connection between the seen and unseen through fertility, birth, life, death and rebirth.

In Addition:

There will be 13 online connections, honouring the cycle of the Moon and how that impacts our daily lives, exploring the energy of the upcoming lunation. How to prepare for the changes and how to celebrate the month, though creating altars, divination, meditation, journaling, movement, nourishment and journeying.

Yogini in The Yurt


31 Oct & 1 Nov

Crone turns into herself for deep rest


19 & 20 Dec

Conception of the Maiden Goddess


30 & 31 Jan

Quickening of the Maiden


6 & 7 March - Ostara (this date is earlier due to a prior commitment in India)

Birth of the Maiden into the World


1 & 2 May

Menstruation of the Maiden


19 & 20 June - Litha

Fertility of the Mother


31 July & 1 August - Lughnasad

Abundance of the Mother Goddess


18 & 19  September - Mabon

Mother to Crone and time of gratitude


The program will be held at Yogini in The Yurt, Greenwich, London. A safe environment to explore your inner wisdom and re-member your innate wildness. Gathering in circle, experiencing rituals and ceremonies that connect us to The Wheel of The Year. Together, we will use the energy of the elements and seasons.

Refreshments, snacks and vegetarian lunch will be included.


31st October 2020 - 23 September 2021


£1,080 in person

£800 online


3 spirals of £360

Deposit plus instalments