The Modern Medicine Woman


What is a Modern Medicine Woman?

Archetypically, the 'Medicine Woman' is seen as the healer, the wise woman, the wild woman, the shamanka, the witch, the herbalist, the visionary, the seer, the intuitive, the mystic, the priestess, and the ceremonialist  … The Modern Medicine Woman has skillfully adjusted her Being, presence and practices to the current times, to what is required for the greatest good of all, a return to wholeness.

Traditionally, the Medicine Woman holds many unique gifts from energy healing to expanded states of consciousness; she has the ability to sense into the many realms of existence while connecting deep into the hearts of others. It is her passion to serve, restore harmony, balance and healing to humanity and the Earth. Her gifts of vision, insight and healing were honoured and integrated into the lives of those she served. Bringing wisdom and humility, divination and oracle gifts through guidance received from Spirit. Throughout time, she has tended the sacred feminine rituals and ceremonies, honouring the moon cycles, seasons, and fertility of the Earth. Her far-seeing shamanic vision was ancient medicine of the soul. Her myths and stories restored meaning and truth to even the deepest suffering. She holds the keys to the divine sacred union between masculine and feminine.

Historically, she was punished, denied, suppressed and nearly forgotten! However, there is a global reawakening, rebirthing, re-emerging as the Modern Medicine Woman. Millions of women encapsulate this archetype within their cells, hearts and wombs. Carrying the memories of their former lives, they lived expressing their gifts and powers in service. The Medicine Woman is emerging and rising again into the complexity of the modern world; she is ready to be embraced as an authentic and passionate expression of feminine power.

The Modern Medicine Woman can be found everywhere: teachers, healers, counsellors, guides, coaches, ceremony holders, social activists, entrepreneurs, visionaries, communicators, and artists. The Medicine Woman archetype is present and active all around, in private and public circles. Time has come to remember who we are and reawaken our innate powers and passion; in doing so, our work will bring much-needed balance and healing to the world.

Returning to the path of wholeness, meaning, and purpose requires integrating our shadow and accepting all of our parts and aspects. Through this balance of polarities, light and shadow, like the sun and the moon, we can shine and from that place of luminosity. The Modern Medicine Woman is connected to the land, her bloodline and her ancestors, grounded in her beauty and radiance, aware of her power and wisdom, sensual and strong.

Honouring the cycles and cadence of creation while connecting to the ancestors, mother earth, father sky and great spirit, recognising her body as the sacred vessel that holds her inner light ... Aho

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