Soulful Transformational Journey is a signature program that draws from the best practices of Mindset, Holistic, and Ayurvedic methodology, neuroscience, positive psychology, and spiritual practices.

The Soulful Transformation Journey is a 12-week immersive coaching program designed to help soul-led women embrace their authentic selves, cultivate a powerful mindset, and achieve holistic well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Julia has created a distinctive signature program with her 30 years of experience in holistic health and well-being, yoga and meditation, and coaching.

This program is designed to help in any area in your life where you're feeling unfulfilled, stuck or uninspired. To resolve problems that keep repeating themselves repeatedly.

Below are some examples of what this Soulful Transformation Journey can help with:

  • lack of vitality
  • feeling burnt out
  • feeling lost or stuck in a rut
  • having a busy, stress-filled lifestyle
  • feeling unable to achieve your dreams
  • feeling unfulfilled in your career
  • confusion about what you could be doing with your life
  • suffering from self-doubt and fear
  • longing for a meaningful relationship
  • feeling as if you aren't reaching your full potential

Ayurveda offers a natural approach to healing fatigue that goes beyond modern medicine. From the Ayurvedic perspective, fatigue represents a lack of integration between body, mind, and spirit. Due to accumulated toxins in the mind-body system, the life force cannot flow freely, commonly resulting in fatigue, chronic pain, weak digestion, depression, and other disorders.

Even areas of your life that you wouldn't normally associate with spirituality can be addressed with this type of coaching. There is a connection between not fulfilling your higher purpose and areas of struggle in your life.


There are several practical and unique worksheets to support you in the following areas:



I believe seeing possibilities can increase our creativity, inspiration, exploration, inner discoveries, life, and joy. As your guide, I am curious, empowering, engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic; our sessions combine coaching, teaching and mentoring moments, and a bespoke approach.

Co-creating a path of balance, harmony and well-being, mind, body and spirit, for you are the expert of your life, I will ask questions to reveal the light within you!

  • The role of a teacher is to impart information to the student.

  • The role of a coach is to evoke wisdom from the client.

Together, we will take bold steps to create wholeness in your life, build your confidence and bring you closer, week by week, towards your dreams and vision. We will use a range of techniques, positive psychology, and holistic and transformational tools to assist you in uncovering your heart’s desire to connect with your unique gifts and purpose.

Whether you are looking for a significant change, transformation, or to reignite your heart’s desire and live an authentic life aligned with your Dharma (soul purpose), we will focus on what that looks like and take courageous steps towards it.

Now is the time to create a new life for yourself and those around you. I offer many pathways to guide you in building your ideal journey in healing, joy, well-being and spiritual connection. As your Soulful Mindset Coach, I will meet you with an open heart, full awareness, and presence, empowering you to live a life of well-being, purpose, intention & meaning.

Julia’s Signature Coaching may also include:

  • Hypnotherapy, Visualisations & Guided Meditations

  • Emotional Freedom Technique ~ Tapping

  • Holistic Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Conscious Tasking, Journaling & Envisioning

Process & Pricing

My offering is a highly customised program tailored to your needs and desires. The power of having a coach accelerates your journey in a fraction of time, allowing you to focus on your area of genius rather than being consumed by where to begin and how to figure things out.

There is an online portal via Teach:able with Soulful Lessons to accompany your journey.

  • An Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Ayurvedic Daily Routines
  • Soulful Mindset Coaching
  • Yoga, meditation and pranayama practices

This journey will be 12 weeks; it can be extended if desired. Allowing us to create a trusted relationship, significant change, transformation, and breakthroughs cannot happen in just one session.

The Soulful Transformation Journey

  • 12 Sessions £1750

  • Deposit £100

  • 1
    Questionnaires and an Ayurvedic Dosha quiz are emailed, and then you will return them before our first session, so I have an understanding of your current state of balance ... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • 2
    Weeks 1-3: Soulful Self-Discovery Holistic Assessment Personalised assessment of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • 3
    Weeks 4-6: Holistic Wellness Integration Ayurvedic Principles: Understanding individual constitutions and balancing practices. Nutrition and Well-being: Creating personalised well-being routines.
  • 4
    Weeks 7-9: Mindset Mastery Limiting Belief Transformation: Techniques to identify and shift limiting beliefs. Positive Affirmations: Crafting personalised affirmations for empowerment. Visualisation and Manifestation: Harnessing the power of visualisation for goal achievement.
  • 5
    Weeks 10-12: Empowered Living Purpose and Passion Exploration: Aligning with one's soul purpose and passions. Action Planning: Creating actionable steps for continued growth and transformation. Integration and Celebration: Reflecting on the journey and celebrating progress.

There are two options to connect.

  • Privately in Greenwich or Marylebone, London

  • Online via Zoom

This means I can work with you wherever you are in the world. Initially, we begin with twelve sessions, ideally weekly or bi-weekly.


As your soulful coach, I am also there for you via WhatsApp messenger in the challenging or celebratory moments between our sessions. I am only working with a handful of clients to be fully present for our co-creation.

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What a delight to be your guide on the journey to living your most aligned,

empowered and fulfilled life.