Sacred Cycles

Nature surrounds us with a multitude of rhythmic cycles. There is circadian cycle of 24-hours as the sun revolves around the earth: as each day becomes night and then becomes day again.
There is the rhythmic cycle of each season merging into the next. There is the rhythmic cycle of ageing: the sweet and expansive nature of a baby, the ambitions of a teenager and an adult and the contemplative nature of our elders.

The Lunar Cycle is what is innately inside each of us as women, many of us are beginning to remember this cycle, aligning our lives and connecting with the sacred cycle. Whether you are bleeding or have transitioned into a different phase in life, we can connect to the cycles and the energy of the moon to guide our womb journey.

A woman's cycle not only mirrors the phases of the Moon, also the four seasons or we can refer to them as phases.

New Moon ~ Winter

The first season, is winter. This is the New Moon phase when the sky is black and the Moon is dark. Like winter, when a woman is experiencing her New Moon phase, she is withdrawn. This is typically when a woman bleeds; her physical energy is low, but her creativity can reach the stars. During her New Moon phase, there is little distinction between intuition and logic. The veil is thinned between the Spirit and Earthly worlds.

Waxing Moon ~ Spring

After the darkness of winter during the New Moon, the light begins to grow. So we enter the Waxing Moon phase, or the springtime phase of a woman's cycle. This is after bleeding stops and new energy begins to rise to the surface. Like fresh flower buds, a woman's energy begins to awaken to the world around her. This is when senses are heightened and nature beckons. During the Waxing phase, the earth becomes ripe and calls to be walked upon with bare feet.

Full Moon ~ Summer

As the Moon's light continues to grow, it becomes Full.  During a woman's Full Moon, or summer phase, her energy is at its height. Her body is fertile and her femininity flows. Just as we start to harvest the fruits of our summertime labour, this is the time when a woman tends to nurture others, more than herself.  Practice self-care on the Full Moon, planting the seeds in the fertile ground of the subconscious mind, as you may choose to release what is no longer, to make room for what's to come.

Waning Moon ~ Autumn

When summer ends, and the Full Moon has passed, the brightness starts to dim. This is a woman's Waning Moon phase or autumn. Many women experience pre-menstrual symptoms during this time, just as autumn arrives, we are invited to start to slow down and draw within.  During this phase of a woman's cycle, it's important that she be gentle with herself. Just as if she were coming inside from the hot heat of summer, she must cool herself and calm her energy.  During the Waning Moon, self-care is vital, so that energy can be conserved for the next phase, the New Moon phase, that starts the cycle over again.

Every woman who has ever existed has experienced these four Moon phases and four seasons within her body; whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. When we can learn to live in alignment with these phases, we can truly start to flourish.

In each of us is a New Moon Wise Woman, a Maiden of Spring, a Mother of Summer, and a Enchantress of Autumn. By learning about your sacred cycles, you can illuminate the essence of what it means to be a woman.

Julia offers Transitional Guidance, pertaining to the moon cycles of life.

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