Wise Women Drumming Circle

Wise Women Drumming Circle
Shamanic Journeying
Sacred Cacao
Thursday 27th July
7:30 – 9:30pm



🌺🥁 Embracing the Power of Drumming in a Women’s Circle with Divine Cacao 🥁🌺

Calling all the magnificent women of the world, let’s gather around the mystical energy of drumming and indulge in the blissful wonders of divine cacao! In this enchanting circle, we come together, breaking barriers and harnessing the profound power of rhythm and chocolate, connecting our souls in the most mesmerising way.

The ancient practice of drumming holds within its beats the very essence of creation. As we gather in this women’s circle, beating our drums in harmony, we unlock a reservoir of transformative energy that lies deep within us. With every powerful strike, our spirits soar, allowing us to access parts of ourselves that yearn to be set free.

Within this sacred circle, drumming provides a platform for our inner voices to find resonance. As we drum, our bodies and minds merge with the primal vibrations, awakening dormant passions and creativity. It becomes a collective experience where our souls dance together in perfect unity, creating a profound sisterhood that radiates beyond the physical realm.

But what adds an exquisite touch to our enchanting circle is the indulgence in divine cacao. This sacred plant medicine from the heart of Mother Earth possesses mystical qualities that open doors to deep healing and introspection. When combined with the hypnotic power of drumming, the effects become truly transformative.

The bittersweet richness of cacao, lovingly prepared and shared among us, enhances our experience within the circle. It gently lifts the veils that shroud our true selves, enabling us to access our inner wisdom and emotions with grace. The cacao opens our hearts, enabling vulnerability, trust, and love to flow freely, intertwining us in a magical bond of sisterhood and understanding.

As we delve into the rhythmic pulses and succumb to the enchantment of cacao, our barriers crumble. We enter a sacred space where judgments fade, replaced by love and acceptance. In this vulnerability, we find strength, empowering ourselves and each other to be our authentic selves, unabashedly shining our unique lights upon the world.

In the empowering space of a women’s drumming circle, enriched by the nurturing properties of divine cacao, we experience a journey of self-discovery, sisterhood, and spiritual awakening. We learn that when women come together in a harmonious blend of rhythm and chocolate, incredible transformations unfold.

So, let us gather, dear sisters, and celebrate the extraordinary power of drumming and divine cacao. Embrace the rhythmic beats, allow the enchanting aroma of cacao to uplift your senses, and immerse yourself in the depths of this sacred circle. Through drumming and divine cacao, we unlock the true magic within ourselves, propelling us on a path of self-love, growth, and unity.


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