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🌸🌿✨ Join the Wild Woman Wheel of The Year Program! ✨🌿🌸

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey through the Celtic Wheel of the Year?

Join us for an incredible online program, the Wild Woman Wheel of The Year, where we will dive deep into the essence of each season and celebrate the magic of the Earth’s cycles.

This program is open to all who wish to experience, create or hold sacred circles. These teachings are transferable in many realms, as a yoga, meditation or mindfulness teacher, a space holder, therapist, visionary, holistic practitioner, a person who wishes to feel more in tune with nature and the rhythms of life.

You will be guided through eight mesmerising celebrations, throughout the year October 2023 – October 2024, that will leave you feeling empowered and connected to the divine energy of the universe, and ready to share your embodied wisdom.

✨ As we travel through the Wheel of the Year, we will explore each festival’s unique energy and significance. Our journey begins at Samhain, Halloween. Together, we will immerse ourselves in rituals, ceremonies, and powerful meditations that ignite the flame of our inner light.

🌺 The Wheel Unveiled 🌺

Through eight online live and recorded meetings throughout the year plus access to the overflowing Wild Woman Wheel of The Year Teach:able platform, we will delve deep into the essence of each season and harness the powerful energy it brings. I intend to provide a space where you can connect, learn, and grow in a community of like-hearted souls. You will have time to gather your supplies before the ‘sacred festivals’. Also enabling you the opportunity to inform and invite your community to your upcoming event.

The content will be on the Teach:able platform a month before the festival. We will meet live online a few weeks before, so you may experience and explore energy of the season and festival.

🔮 Samhain (Halloween) October 31st – Embrace the veil between the worlds and dive into the mysteries of the shadow. Together, we will explore the ancient wisdom and rituals associated with this powerful time of year. 🎃🌕🔮

🌬 Winter Solstice (Yule) 21st December – Let’s kindle the light within as we gather around the sacred fire. Through ceremonies, meditations, and creative practices, we will honour the sun’s rebirth and nurture the sparks of our divine flame. 🔥❄✨

🕯 Imbolc (Candlemas) 1st February – Feel the stirrings of new beginnings and the promise of spring. Through candlelight ceremonies and sacred circle ideas, we will awaken our inner fire and welcome the first signs of growth and transformation. 🕯🌱🌸

🌷 Spring Equinox (Ostara) 20th March – As the world blossoms with life, let’s tap into the energy of renewal and balance. Through rituals and visualisations, we will connect with the Earth’s natural rhythms and awaken the dormant seeds within ourselves. 🌸🌿🌼

🌺 Beltane (May Eve) 1st May – Join us in celebrating the fiery passion and fertility of the season. Through unique ways to open this celebration, we will embrace the wild and sensual energy of Beltane, igniting our creative sparks and dancing under the moonlight. 🔥🌕🌸

🌞 Summer Solstice (Litha) 21st June – Feel the sun’s warmth on your skin and let your spirit soar. Together, we will honour the longest day of the year with meditations, ceremonies, and joyful celebrations, as we embrace our radiant power and bask in the abundance of life. 🌞🌻🌺

🌾 Lughnasadh (Lammas) 1st August – As the first harvest is reaped, let’s express gratitude for the gifts of the Earth. We will celebrate the abundance around us through ceremonies and unique circle ideas, recognising our accomplishments and nurturing our dreams’ seeds. 🌽🍞🍇

🍂 Autumn Equinox (Mabon) 21st September – As the wheel turns towards the darker half of the year, we celebrate the balance between light and darkness, as we embrace the shifting energies and reflect upon our own inner harvest. 🍎🌙🍂🕯


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