The Soul Path

The seven-week journey through The Soul Path programme combines personalised coaching with spiritual enrichment tailored to your unique life path.

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What You’ll Experience on The Soul Path

Embark on a meticulously designed 7-week journey through The Soul Path programme, combining personalised coaching with spiritual enrichment tailored to your unique life path. Here’s what’s included, enhanced to enrich your experience further:

Seven 1:1 Personal Coaching Sessions (90 minutes each)

Each session delves deep into one of the seven chakras, offering personalised guidance and transformative strategies tailored to catalyse growth in all areas of your life.

Seven Guided Meditations

These meditations are specifically crafted for each week. They focus on themes such as chakra activation, elemental energies, and the moon’s phases to enhance your connection to each energy centre and the natural world.

Seven Weeks of Daily Affirmation Messages

Receive daily affirmations directly to your inbox or phone. These powerful, positive statements are designed to reinforce your weekly chakra focus, helping to manifest the energy and changes you’re working towards.

Seven Weeks of Journal Prompts Connected to the Seven Chakras

Engage with deeply reflective journal prompts encouraging you to explore each chakra’s influence on your life. These prompts are crafted to inspire introspection and discovery, enhancing your understanding and integration of each session’s themes.

1 review for The Soul Path

  1. Jessica

    Embarking on The Soul Path coaching package with Julia was truly life-changing. Over the 7-week journey, I found a deep connection to my inner self and the world around me in ways I had never imagined.

    The personalised coaching sessions were incredibly transformative. Julia’s expertise in guiding me through this process provided insights and strategies that sparked growth in every area of my life. Each session brought profound changes and a deeper understanding of myself.

    The guided meditations and daily affirmation messages were powerful tools that reinforced my focus and intentions. They helped me stay connected to my goals and made a significant impact on my daily life.

    Julia’s strength as a coach lies in her deep empathy, intuitive guidance, and the ability to create a safe space for exploration and growth. She has a unique talent for understanding and addressing my personal needs, making each session feel incredibly tailored and impactful.

    If you’re considering The Soul Path coaching package, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s an investment in your spiritual and personal development that will leave you feeling empowered, enlightened, and profoundly transformed. Thank you, Julia, for guiding me on this extraordinary journey and helping me unlock my true potential.

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