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Tsatsayaku Association

Ceremonial Grade Cacao

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  • Wild-Harvested

  • Raw

  • Organic

  • Non-GMO

  • Fair Trade

  • Ceremonial Grade




  • Every bag of our wild-harvested, organic, non-GMO Tsatsayaku Cacao is lovingly handpackaged in 200g & 500g fully recyclable bags.

  • Tsatsayaku Cacao is from the Fino de Aroma Bean

  • A 500g bag can last about one month depending on usage.

  • We suggest 20-25gms Cacao a day to keep the Doctor away.

  • Our Cacao is usually used as a warm, nourishing cacao drink to uplift your spirits and calm your heart, but it’s also great in smoothies, can be used to make cacao treats, and can even be added it to sauces, stews and casseroles, to zing up your savoury dishes.

  • When you buy from Ritual Cacao you are not only receiving a bag of pure goodness and love, you are also directly supporting the Tsatsayaku Association and helping them to maintain and sustain their traditional ways of life.

Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine.’

– Geronimo Piperni, quoted by Antonio Lavedán, Spanish army surgeon, 1796

Ritual Cacao reflects the true cost of fair trade. We are working hard to help the both the Ashaninka Tribe and Tsatsayaku Association protect their land. Here at Ritual Cacao we are passionate about building awareness for the care of the beautiful rainforest and the ancient products that thrive there. By giving these co-operatives a fair price for their cacao, we enable them to be more economically independent, whilst maintaining and protecting the forest and wildlife they inhabit.

Tsatsayaku Association

Our Tsatsayaku Cacao comes directly from Ecuador, the Association is made up of 140 Kichwa and Mestizo families from 13 different communities, and it’s mission is to produce and conserve ancestral cacao (Arriba Nacional/Fino de Aroma) that provides a fair price for all of its members.

The cacao itself is grown in the traditional Kichwa farming method ‘Chakra’, which has a conscientious respect for the natural environment. The organic approach seeks to preserve biodiversity and natural resources.


  • Please avoid consuming cacao if you are taking SSRI’s – (Cacao releases serotonin, so it works as a mild anti-depressant. When taken with SSRI’s that release serotonin chemically it can lead to serotonin syndrome).

  • We suggest that pregnant woman and people with heart or high blood pressure medication should avoid it if they are caffeine sensitive. (if your are ok drinking coffee you are able to drink cacao).


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  1. Lucie Ormerod

    Wonderful ! I have been to many Cacao events and this was the best . I recommended it.

  2. Natalie Stanton

    DELICIOUS and DIVINE … I do not need to say any more.

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