November Face Yoga & Rejuvenation

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Daily Self Care

Face Yoga, Rejuvenation & Wellbeing

November 1st – 27th

9:00-9:30am GMT

Online & Recorded



Face Yoga challenge is a daily practice of stimulating the 57 muscles of the face, neck and skull. Designed to combat ageing … toning and plumping the skin, sculpting the jawline, brightening the eyes, and relaxing the muscles of the face, leaving the skin looking healthy and radiant. Through facial exercises, face massage, facial pressure points, breath work, positive affirmations and healthy lifestyle tips.

The skin consists of three layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue.

The epidermis is the outer layer of skin that we expose to the world. It undergoes constant cell renewal, producing a whole new skin layer every 4 – 6 weeks … 28 – 42 days. The cellular renewal slows down during the ageing process. Face Yoga can have a positive effect on your whole complexion.

Join me for a brighter, toned and more vibrant complexion.

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Live 30-minute class, 9:00 am GMT.

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5 reviews for November Face Yoga & Rejuvenation

  1. Jackie

    What can I say, this session every morning will give you just what is required at this time! Self love self care.
    I have just completed February Face Yoga and Rejuvenation, as a therapist it is important I look good and as I age I need to still look good.
    It is time to give yourself the gift of this beautiful practice, Julia is a wonderful inspiration and has so much information to share on how to nourish yourself.
    It has been an honour to gift myself this practice.
    Sundari Sunday is a joy as well even if it does include thermo therapy.

  2. Susan

    I love this practice and look forward to seeing Julia and the other ladies every day. It is much more than improving your looks – we do lymphatic drainage, marma (energy) points, thermo therapy, fun with honey and more! I have learnt so much from Julia and there has been a positive shift in my wellbeing. Thank you xxx

  3. Cass

    I love these sessions! Beautiful combination of techniques from Julia’s abundant tool box. My face looks so much better, my eyes sparkle and I just love having 30 mins each morning to get my morning off to a flying start. Highly recommended

  4. Domi

    Face Yoga is amazing!!! Julia’s classes are full of beautiful energy and inspiration needed during the life! From the bottom of my heart I highly recommend to try step into this path!
    Thanks Julia ✨

  5. Annaclaire Shaw

    Face yoga is perfect self care. It not only focuses on your face but your whole well being and immune system. A daily dose of Julia during a tough 2nd lockdown, post Covid infection and during the winter months was the best tonic. I learnt remedies for sinus issues & headaches which have proved invaluable. Also, I hadn’t appreciated how thirsty my skin was and now realise what my skin needs, regular nourishing & massaging using the techniques so wonderfully taught. Thank you for the knowledge & guidance, Julia.
    Ps- it is true about eyebrows, face yoga really does help them grow!

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