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Stepping Stones to Your Path of Transformation, Aligning with Your North Star!

Embarking on the transformation pathway is an intentional journey, and I’m delighted to guide you through each stepping stone. Here’s the roadmap to your North Star transformative experience:

1. Click and Register: Initiate Your Journey

Click the registration link provided and take the first step in initiating your transformative journey. Your commitment to this process begins with a simple click.

2. Consciously Complete the Form: Set Your Intentions

Consciously complete the registration form with thoughtful intention. This is an opportunity for you to set the stage for our work together. Share your aspirations, challenges, and desires with clarity.

3. Email the Form Back to Me: Your Declaration

Once you’ve completed the form, email it back to me. This act symbolises your declaration to embark on this transformative journey with purpose and intention.

4. Book Your 1:1 90-Minute Session: Dive into Exploration

With your form received, we’ll schedule your personalised 1:1 90-minute session. This is the heart of our journey, where we dive into exploration, acknowledge beliefs, and begin crafting your intentional, soulful alignment with your North Star.

5. Listen to the Hypnotherapy Audio “Your North Star”: Inner Connection

As part of your transformative toolkit, immerse yourself in the hypnotherapy audio session focusing on goals. Allow this audio to guide you inward, connecting with your inner self and aspirations.

6. Complete Your Tasking: Active Participation

Following the session, you’ll be assigned tasks tailored to your journey. Actively engage in these tasks, which are integral to your growth and transformation.

7. Email Me: Share Your Insights and Progress

Keep the communication flowing. Please email me your insights, progress, and any thoughts or questions that arise. This ensures our journey remains dynamic and responsive to your evolving needs.

8. Book a 10-Minute Call: Reflect and Align

As you progress, book a 10-minute. This quick check-in is an opportunity to reflect on your journey, align with your evolving intentions, and ensure we are on the same transformative wavelength.


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