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  1. Cass

    This retreat is the highlight of my year. A beautifully curated weekend of perfectly adapted processes, wonderful women EVERY year in a fabulous location with delicious food. I could not speak more highly of Julia and everything she offers. I always leave feeling grounded, empowered and grateful beyond measure, heart full. Join us!

  2. Natalie Stanton

    Every year I look forward to Florence House Retreat and this year did not disappoint.

    I arrived feeling disconnected to myself and to others but I left feeling lighter, full of joy and most of all reconnected.

    If you’re longing for a community of like-hearted women and a North Star to guide your way. Look no further than Julia and all that she shares.

  3. Siobhan Carrig

    Julia is the most kindest, beautiful soul here on earth. Her 1-1 coaching had given me direction and purpose. Her retreats are not to be missed as she gathers like minded women in a powerful space. Her magical tool box just keeps giving. An earth angel indeed I am lucky to have Julia in my life and recommend you do too much love and gratitude

  4. Sheryl Lowe

    Florence House Retreat
    I attended my first retreat with Julia this weekend, and wow what a wonderful place it was, I met likeminded beautiful women, who made me feel so at ease, and it was a magical experience ✨I had so many firsts, and they will not be lasts!!
    Julia is so special, she is absolutely amazing and makes everyone feel just as special and amazing.
    I left the retreat, calm, happy and focused on my future.
    Cannot wait for more ‘Julia’ Magic ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  5. WendieSue Ludwig

    Florence House – wow, what a wonderfully beautiful amazing weekend!! When I first heard of this retreat about 2-1/2 years ago, I knew I had to make it one day. That day came this year and I put all my thoughts, manifesting power and trust in Julia to work and this was the year!!

    Coming from the US by myself, I was a tad bit worried and I quickly realized there was no need. Beautiful like-minded women arranged to greet me at the airport, Julia arranged for lunch at the local club, and then we were at Florence House. From the moment I walked in, I knew my heart and soul were where we belonged. Two full days of laughter, tears, love and great food! A transformative weekend!

    Second part of this retreat was the trip to the Stones. Julia then created a bespoke 2-1/2 day to tour Avebury, Glastonbury and Stonehenge. Powerful energies!

    If you are thinking about a retreat or tour in with Julia, I suggest you stop reading and go sign up! If you are called, go! Julia is a master at holding a container and making everything flow with effortless ease!

    This was a big week for me and my heart is full being in Julia’s presence and enjoying a truly effortless, most perfect, divinely guided trip. I will be back!!

  6. Faye Mosshammer

    I’ve been going to Julia’s retreats for the past 5 years and they are truly magical. Julia creates a beautiful safe space for you to feel connected and you will leave the retreat feeling uplifted and transformed.

    I went to Florence house with some stresses and in need of some me time and left feeling totally reenergised and with a sense of peace.

    Florence house is my yearly reset and I feel grateful to experience this wonderful and magical experience which Julia creates with so much love and generosity. Julia has so much to offer you are in the best hands and I cannot recommend this beautiful experience enough!

  7. Marie-Louise

    The Florence House retreat is a magical time for Julia’s women students to come together and experience her work and energy for a weekend. She is amazing and so on purpose for our healing and work. It was such an incredible, gentle time of learning and opening to the love, kindness and transformations available through the work Julia offers. I was highly anxious about the overseas trip and experience because of my personal challenges, and it could not have gone any better. Julia and everyone in attendance were lovely and welcoming. Julia is so attentive to detail – the location, the ceremonies, the classes, meditations – all are focused on our renewals and restoration. If you’re in her circle, this is one of her curated experiences worth doing.

  8. Elaine Mariani

    Florence House Retreat

    This was my first time on retreat with Julia at Florence House.

    I arrived feeling depleted as a result of world events over the past few years and events closer to home. I was hoping for a couple of days rest to try and recover myself. I was a little apprehensive of meeting everyone as I don’t really thrive in large groups.
    I needn’t have worried. This retreat exceeded all expectations. I am not sure words can do it justice.
    Julia’s wisdom, knowledge and ability to touch the soul blew me away. She is the real deal, a beautiful soul with a heart as big as a house. She draws to her women of a like mind – so welcoming and open hearted. I walked in and felt I belonged.

    The days were filled with meaningful interactions and activities – yoga, meditation, drumming, heart to heart discussions, walking and talking – there was no rigid agenda and I felt Julia allowed us to lead where we needed to go to heal.

    Florence House is a fabulous venue – the grounds are beautiful, the food was out of this world. I hadn’t expected five star accommodation alongside five star care from Julia.

    If you are looking for somewhere you can take your mask off at the door and be the real you for a couple of days, with an amazing spiritual leader and fabulous ladies with full hearts, I heartily recommend this retreat. You will leave replenished and heartened, ready for another trip around the sun. This weekend has truly changed my focus and allowed me to reset.

    I have already booked in for next year.

  9. Luvena

    This is my second retreat with Julia and it was an incredible experience. Julia embodies, emulates and exudes all the beautiful qualities of the Divine Feminine. Her grace, compassion, and wisdom is felt in every way and in everything she sees, says, and does. It’s an inspiration and privilege to be in her presence. Julia’s inner light lights you up and allows you to reconnect and come home to yourself. What greater gift or experience could there be than that? Thank you, Julia! Much love.

    Luvena Hadden

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