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13 reviews for Kind Words

  1. Jackie

    Julia is an inspirational teacher, I connected with her many moons ago now and if I lived closer I would attend everything that she offers. I have been so fortunate over the last two years to be able to sit in circle with Julia every morning (well missed a handful) for yoga, meditation and face yoga. I have learned so much not only about myself but about all of the modalities that are shared.
    I immersed myself too in Wild Woman Wisdom ~ incredible!!!!
    Fortunate enough to have been able to receive Life Coaching ~ what an experience.
    I honestly cannot think of any other teacher / guide that could offer more.

    My heart has been opened by all the work and guidance that has been shared by this beautiful priestess known to many as You Sundari / Julia but most of all to me she is my most treasured friend and I love her with all of my heart.
    Thank you for the gift of being in my life xxxxxx

  2. Wendy

    Dear Julia

    Thank you so much for the Yogini in the Yurt update.

    I’m so delighted to see our morning spirals will continue into 2022!

    When I think of how my spiralling journey first started with you at the beginning of May 2020, it makes me feel quite emotional. Who could predict how things would unfold?!
    For me it has been a time of transformation and spiritual awakening. I will forever remember this period as one of the most treasured in my life.

    With deepest gratitude to you for being a constant inspiration and for your absolute devotion to teaching, sharing, supporting and guiding us all.

    I feel extremely blessed to be having this experience. Thank you.

  3. Patrizia

    Julia is an amazing teacher, and a wonderful Super Trainer as well. I follow her since my journey with Face Yoga and she made really a difference! I suggest you all to book a session, follow the monthly spirals appointment, you will thank yourself for giving you a wonderful gift!

  4. Charlotte Saint Jean

    Julia, such a wonderful friend and teacher. Inspirational teaching and very real advice whilst remaining super connected to her intuitive messages. Love it!

  5. Domi

    Such an incredible journey!
    Every spiral is fresh and strong inside and outside ✨
    Thank you for everything ♥️

  6. Helen

    Where to begin…these circles and spirals have included such a creative combination of holistic healing and spiritual delights! Lovingly designed and openly shared from the heart ♥️ You really need to feel into this experience as words cannot do justice to this caring and insightful “wise, wild woman” So much gratitude

  7. Federica M.

    Face Yoga with you, Julia, is the best moment of the day, seriously!

  8. Lee

    I have been attending Julia’s evening classes, workshops & retreats for many years & when we found ourselves in lockdown Julia offered a morning practice of yoga & meditation, it became a wonderful circle of women connecting’ which was so important during a time of such uncertainty.
    The morning practice is still going & with the recordings for people who can’t always attend it makes it super flexible.

    Julia is an absolute master at her craft & shares so generously all her knowledge & wisdom.
    This brings so much clarity into my life, a beautiful journey that I’m so blessed to be on.
    Thank you Julia you are truly amazing

  9. Sarah Wall

    I went to my first ever retreat in the very capable and experienced hands of Julia/Yog Sundari this summer and what an experience! Julia skillfully guides us through our many layers, weaving all her wisdom throughout. It was an amazing journey, lots of healing and a lovely collection of souls to experience it with. The retreat was jam-packed compared to what I have read and heard of other retreats. The early morning swim in the sea was just bliss! Highly recommend. I have also tried her face yoga which was something of a revelation; self-care I didn’t realise I needed. I am also very grateful to have been taught by Julia on a yoga teacher training and her knowledge is incredible. Whatever road you choose to wellness and self-love, you will be in very safe and nurturing hands with Julia. x

  10. MLA, USA

    I am an early coaching student of Julia’s and I am so grateful and excited to be working with her. I met her in a class she taught on meditation/yoga rituals, and during the process I heard her address paternal lineage healing. We began the ritualistic work in this area and everything is so much better and well on its way to healing. We also worked on the Akashic records and found new insight into my ancestors. Both of these experiences have offered peace and healing. Julia glows, is super positive, and offers so much wisdom about life and embracing our uniqueness. I have several more months of work with Julia, and I cannot wait for the new experiences. Like anticipating a gift:)

    MLA, USA

  11. Helen

    Another year of spirals and Julia just gets stronger as a teacher and guide. Such beautiful heartfelt offerings and wisdom. We are so blessed and fortunate to have these opportunities to feel and connect with each other and Julia holds the space with such authenticity and grace
    Many, many thank yous

  12. Laetitia

    Where to start! From the moment I listened to Julia I knew she had so much to offer. Love her face yoga (of course), her hypnotherapy / meditations so I decided to try a session on something very personal. Julia was amazing at listening, her environment is very relaxing and such a good energy. Julia intuitively knew what would be the best step for me. I was lucky enough to experience a shamanic session and it was just so revealing, and so deeply healing. I can’t recommend Julia enough, she has so much knowledge, wisdom, and simply a gift.

  13. Marie-Louise

    Hi Julia – I wanted to share that in early 2023 you and I did a couple of sessions on visioning and hypnosis concerning where I wanted to be with healing and health. I don’t know if you’ll remember, but I wanted the summer to be the time of strengthening so I could attend a September tango festival in Denver, led by the two top teachers of tango.

    In the spring, I had the shock of learning that I had an autoimmune marker and it set me back. Then you and I worked again on limiting beliefs around that and I really surrendered the goal of having my health back and getting to the festival. I remember telling you I had to learn that although I wanted that timeline, it may not go that way. Well, the summer has been going really well and I’m walking up and down steep hills to build lower body strength. I’m working on the left hip, which has a constriction that has been building for 10 plus years. And I’ve booked the trip to Denver because I have strength and have been able to wear heels again to work.

    The overall flow of what I’m telling you is that we created the vision of what I wanted and where I wanted to be in the summer. And even with what felt like setbacks along the way, I actually have gotten to where I wanted. It’s feels mostly miraculous and I’m really enjoying the moment. Im able to do more and more yoga – I click on your classes when I feel I can do them, and I’m doing 70-80 percent each time.

    Thank you for all the help you have been giving me. I’m in such a good groove with all the practices and beliefs around manifesting. It has been such a tremendously happy experience. I send a big thank you hug full of love!

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