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The Akashic Records offer us all the information we could ever wish for about the divine nature of the soul, our soul purpose, our divine gifts, and our path of spiritual evolution.

Akashic Align & Attune goes beyond “just” reading the Akashic Records.

  • Have you ever wondered why we can get “stuck” in the process of inner and outer transformation?
  • Do you want to know exactly why we attract the experiences we are having?

Akashic Align & Attune offers a comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviour that plague our minds. By examining negative karmic patterns affecting us at the soul level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences … and resolve these experiences to create what we truly want for ourselves finally.

  • Create clarity around your question or intention
  • Clear karmic ties relating to the root cause of the problem
  • Journey to the Akashic Records to discover insight & information

This is a private 1:1 session, either face to face or online. Wherever you are in the world we can connect and access the Akashic Records together.


1 review for Akashic Record Reading

  1. Matt R

    “My online session with Julia exploring the Akashic Records was nothing short of astonishing. I went in with an open mind but was completely blown away by the depth and accuracy of the insights I received.

    From the moment we began, Julia created a calming and safe atmosphere that made it easy for me to relax and open up, even through a virtual connection. Her intuitive abilities are truly remarkable. Her shared information resonated deeply with me personally and spiritually as she guided me to access the Akashic Records.

    Julia’s guidance during the session was clear and profoundly insightful. I uncovered past influences and patterns I hadn’t fully understood before, providing a new perspective on current challenges and life decisions. It felt like puzzle pieces coming together, giving me clarity and a deeper understanding of my life’s journey.

    What stood out most was Julia’s soulful approach. She listened intently and responded with wisdom and kindness, making me feel truly heard and understood. Her ability to connect with the Akashic Records and convey the messages in an enlightening and actionable way was extraordinary.

    The online session provided me with valuable insights and left me feeling more aligned and empowered to move forward. I now have a clearer vision of my path and a renewed sense of purpose.

    If you’re seeking profound insight and clarity, I highly recommend booking an online Akashic Record session with Julia. Her incredible intuitive gifts and compassionate guidance will leave you feeling enlightened and inspired. Such an unforgettable experience.”

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