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Yogini in The Yurt, Greenwich


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The Akashic Records offer us all the information we could ever wish for about the divine nature of the soul, our soul purpose, our divine gifts, and our path of spiritual evolution.

Akashic Align & Attune goes beyond “just” reading the Akashic Records.

  • Have you ever wondered why we can get “stuck” in the process of inner and outer transformation?
  • Do you want to know exactly why we attract the experiences we are having?

Akashic Align & Attune offers a comprehensive insight into the root causes behind the persistent negative patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviour that plague our minds. By examining negative karmic patterns affecting us at the soul level, we can gain real and meaningful explanations for many of our present-life experiences … and resolve these experiences to create what we truly want for ourselves finally.

  • Create clarity around your question or intention
  • Clear karmic ties relating to the root cause of the problem
  • Journey to the Akashic Records to discover insight & information

This is a private 1:1 session, either face to face or online. Wherever you are in the world we can connect and access the Akashic Records together.


2 reviews for Akashic Align & Attune

  1. Mary Kay

    What an incredible experience!
    I have always been drawn to past life regression and the akashic records. I was a little nervous and took my time to find the right person to work with. Julia made this such a soulful experience. She is the perfect guide on such a deep journey of exploration.
    Looking forward to my Shamanic Journey next week.
    Thank you, Blessings _/\_

  2. MLA, USA

    I am an early coaching student of Julia’s and I am so grateful and excited to be working with her. I met her in a class she taught on meditation/yoga rituals, and during the process I heard her address paternal lineage healing. We began the ritualistic work in this area and everything is so much better and well on its way to healing. We also worked on the Akashic records and found new insight into my ancestors. Both of these experiences have offered peace and healing. Julia glows, is super positive, and offers so much wisdom about life and embracing our uniqueness. I have several more months of work with Julia, and I cannot wait for the new experiences. Like anticipating a gift:)

    MLA, USA

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