13 Moons

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13 Online Circle Gatherings

The Friday before the New Moon you will receive an email with a downloadable pdf, this will contain information on the moon energy we are approaching, a list of the items you could use for our online gathering and your ritual.

On Sunday there will be a sacred circle gathering, 18:30-19:45.

It is my desire and intention to reach a larger circle of women and create a container for healing, expansion and connection.




We will meet via the wild wisdom web (aka Zoom). The Lunation gathering will be held on the Sunday before each New Moon, a live 75 minute online transmission, which will be recorded and emailed to you, incase you can’t attend or wish to use the content at a later date. Then you can perform your ritual on the day of the New Moon at your leisure and pleasure!


Thirteen New Moon Online Gatherings


Lunation                   Gathering Dates                 New Moon Dates

Lunation 1                Sunday 11 October             New Moon 16 October

Lunation 2                Sunday 8 November          New Moon 15 November

Lunation 3                Sunday 13 December         New Moon 14 December

Lunation 4                Sunday 10 January             New Moon 13 January

Lunation 5                Sunday 7 February             New Moon 11 February

Lunation 6                Sunday 7 March                  New Moon 13 March

Lunation 7                Sunday 4 April                     New Moon 12 April

Lunation 8                Sunday 9 May                      New Moon 11 May

Lunation 9                 Sunday 6 June                    New Moon 10 June

Lunation 10               Sunday 4 July                     New Moon 10 July

Lunation 11               Sunday 1 August                 New Moon 8 August

Lunation 12               Sunday 5 September         New Moon 7 September

Lunation 13               Sunday 3 October              New Moon 6 October

3 reviews for 13 Moons

  1. Jagdambe Ma ~ Jackie

    For a long time I have been interested in the ebb and flow of the Moon. When Julia launched 13 Moons I knew I just had to sign up!
    I cannot believe how much information is shared during theme we are together on screen, but not just that the amount of information we are given each month. The rituals, the guidance, the support is incredible.
    I would highly recommend signing up, you will be taken on a powerful journey.
    Jagdambe Ma xxxxx

  2. Faye Moshammer

    I love all of Julia’s offerings so when I found out about 13 moons I knew I would have to sign up! Julia has so much wisdom and such a wonderful empowering energy that she brings to her teachings and added to that is her passion for what she is creating and teaching. 13 moons takes you on a journey to understanding the new moon in each of the signs and how you can align with this energy so that you work with the moon to receive her energy to enhance your life. It is a journey and one that has enriched my spiritual practice! Thank you Julia I’m so grateful xxx

  3. Natalie Stanton

    I look forward to these monthly meet ups where we connect to the moon and her energy. The information received is beyond the price tag and it’s wonderful to connect with like – hearted people all over the globe.

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