New Moon Menopause Ritual

Setting the Scene ~ New Moon Ritual

Choose a Sacred Space:
Select a quiet and comfortable space where you won't be disturbed. Consider setting up an altar with items that resonate with the energy of new beginnings, such as fresh flowers, symbols of growth, and a representation of the moon.

Gentle Lighting:
Illuminate the space with soft, gentle lighting, perhaps using candles or fairy lights.

Opening the Ritual

Centring Meditation:
Begin with a short meditation to centre yourself. Focus on your breath and let go of any tension or thoughts.

Invocation of New Beginnings:
Invoke energies associated with new beginnings. You may choose to call upon a specific goddess or simply express your intention for a fresh start.

Example: "As the new moon heralds a new cycle, I invite the energy of new beginnings into my life. May this be a time of growth, transformation, and joy."

Ritual Activities

Setting Intentions:
Reflect on your current goals and aspirations. Write down positive and empowering intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. Consider what you want to manifest and cultivate in your life.

Planting Seeds:
As a symbolic gesture, you can plant seeds in a pot or garden. Visualise these seeds representing your intentions and the potential for growth.

Cleansing Ritual:
Perform a cleansing ritual, such as smudging with sage or using cleansing crystals. As you do this, focus on clearing away any stagnant energy and making room for the new.

Closing the Ritual

Express Gratitude:
Take a moment to express gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that lie ahead. Acknowledge the potential for growth and positive change.

Moon Gazing:
If possible, spend a few moments gazing at the moon. Absorb its energy and connect with the sense of renewal and possibility.

Closing Affirmation:
Close the ritual with a positive affirmation, reinforcing your intentions for the new cycle.
Example: "As the moon begins its journey anew, I embrace the energy of new beginnings. I am open to growth, positive change, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead."

Closing Thoughts

This ritual is meant to be flexible and adaptable to your personal preferences. Feel free to modify any part of it to better suit your spiritual or cultural beliefs. After completing the ritual, take some time for self-reflection and consider keeping a journal to track your progress and experiences throughout the lunar cycle.

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Much Love & Blessings

Julia xxx

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