It could be said that all coaching is mindset coaching; your mindset permeates every aspect of your life. 

Coaching is about helping people to get from where they are now to where they want to be, working with people to set and achieve their goals by:

  • Allowing them to become clear about what they truly want

  • Reviewing where they are now and what they've tried so far

  • Coming up with and discussing options for action

  • Agreeing on a plan to make it happen

Mindset Coaching

Where mindset coaching differs, in addition to the four steps above, a mindset coach works with their clients to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviours, habits and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life or creating the business they desire.

Taking these insights into what makes their client tick, the Mindset Coach uses various reprogramming techniques to banish those blocks and replace them with ones that serve the client.

By working with the mindset this way, the coach paves the way for faster results, more significant transformation and lasting success.

How is a mindset coach different from a therapist?

Mindset Coaches are typically skilled in using neuroscience-based and therapeutic techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy (TLT), and Hypnosis.

They may also be adept at energy practices like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Energy Alignment.

This is in addition to their knowledge and experience with more traditional coaching practices.

Because Mindset Coaches have the tools to gain deep insight and understanding of their clients and how they think and show up in the world, they can easily apply techniques designed to shift perception, change minds, and change lives.


Why do people go to a Mindset Coach?

People often approach a mindset coach for help when they feel they are not achieving what they want in their life.

There’s a familiar feeling of “there’s got to be more to life than this”, or “I’ve tried everything to make my business a success, but nothing’s working”, or “something is holding me back, and I don’t know what it is.”

Clients may be overwhelmed, from having too many options as to what to do next, or procrastination, not knowing how to get started, or they may lack the confidence to take action to achieve their goals.

The common link between all mindset coaching clients is that there is a misalignment between what they want at the conscious level and the unconscious patterns, beliefs, behaviours, habits and programs that are running in the background.

On the surface, they are saying, “I want X”, but underneath, their unconscious mind is doing everything in its power to prevent “X” from happening.

This can present itself in several ways. Here are just three:

  • Beliefs

  • Behaviours

  • Emotions

A mindset coach unlocks these unconscious (and sometimes conscious) patterns and then works with their client to shift and remove them. These are then replaced with new ones that help the client move forward and achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently than before.

Will Mindset Coaching work for me?

Mindset Coaching works well when you are open to making positive, permanent changes in your life.
The relationship you have with your Mindset Coach requires honesty, commitment and a willingness to embrace the coaching process.

Healing of Self & Community

  • You’ll be asked to think about yourself and your relationships in a new way.

  • You’ll be asked to think about events and situations in a new way.

  • You’ll be asked to change your mind about beliefs that have been holding you back from the success you crave.

  • You’ll be asked to step up and take inspired action to achieve your goals.

  • You’ll be asked to agree to let go of the past and to focus on the future that you desire.

Mindset Coaching is an investment in yourself and the life that you want to create.
Daily spiritual practice allows for the continued and exponential growth of both body and soul. The goal is to create internal and external harmony with all creation.

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I cultivate a healing connection for the body, mind and soul to return wholeness.

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I cultivate a healing connection for the body, mind and soul to return wholeness.

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Julia's journey as a Healing Arts Practitioner began in 1994;

Since then, Julia has travelled the globe studying, integrating & embodying a plethora of healing techniques & modalities encompassing Mind, Body & Spirit. Deeply connected to Mother Earth, the rhythms of nature, and life cycles.

As a Mindset Coach, Well Being & Spiritual Coach, Modern Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner & Healer, Holder of Sacred Space, Ceremonies & Rites of Passage, Divinator & Visionary.

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It’s my purpose in life to help women holistically remember who they are, to return to balance & wholeness!


Discover your empowered self

You may be experiencing one or more of the above, and I understand first-hand what it can feel like to navigate these significant life changes. I’m here to be a luminary on your path, walk alongside you, and guide you from feeling lost, stuck or overwhelmed. To help you discover your wise, authentic, empowered Self so YOU can live YOUR best life with confidence, intention, passion and purpose.

I empower midlife women who are experiencing a transition in life, midlife challenges or have lost their way.