Honouring Lammas ~ Reflect & Celebrate

Honouring Lammas – The First Harvest

August 1 celebrates Lammas in Earth-based traditions, a time to honour the season’s first harvest. As the days grow shorter, the warm rays of sunshine peak, painting the world in golden-brown hues. This season of sweltering heat and gentle breezes reminds us that autumn is approaching—a time when shadows begin to lengthen. Before the Wheel turns to darker months, it is essential to take a moment to appreciate the warmth and sunlight that have nurtured the season of growth. Gratitude during times of plenty holds great power, for what we now reap once mere potential. Honouring Lammas – The First Harvest recognises our ancestors’ toil and resilience, which have secured our lineage and survival.

Lammas is also known as Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-NAS-ah), a day that some Wiccan and Pagan traditions dedicate to honouring Lugh, the Celtic god of craftsmanship, grain, the Sun, and late summer storms. This sacred day resonates with people across the globe and pays homage to the agricultural abundance bestowed upon us by goddesses like Ceres and Tailtiu, embodiments of strength and prosperity. Their blessings manifest in the bountiful food that will sustain us throughout the year.

As we celebrate the first harvest, it is not only the physical crops that are ready for gathering; our mental, spiritual, and emotional efforts are also ripe for harvest. If you set intentions during the darkness of winter or early spring, now is the time to see how they have materialised and how they will continue supporting you in the coming months.

During the week of Lammas, take a moment to reflect on the first half of the year and what you have carried over from 2022. Embrace the opportunity to make peace with the past year and focus on what you can harvest from your experiences. Connect with the growth and transformation you have undergone. Ask yourself how you have nurtured connections with others, what you have created, and what new knowledge you have gained. Delve into the intentions you planted and express gratitude for their manifestation. Also, be honest with yourself and let go of anything that no longer serves you, allowing you to be fully present and prepared for the next phase of your journey.

To honour Lammas, here are six ways you can partake in this sacred celebration:

Create a Lammas Altar: Craft a sacred space dedicated to the first harvest. Whether simple or elaborate, choose a spot that feels right for you. Adorn the altar with wheat, ears of corn, sunflowers, and items reflecting the colours of this holiday, from green to gold and yellow to the deepest orange—the shades of the Sun and harvest.

Create a Harvest Jar or Container: Write down this year’s manifestations and place the notes in a container. Hold a ritual to honour your growth and progress. Continue adding to this container throughout the year, and look back on it next to Lammas to witness your journey.

Bake Bread: Embrace the traditional Lammas practice of baking bread from newly harvested wheat, as Lammas translates to “loaf-mass” in Anglo-Saxon. Share a freshly baked loaf with family or friends, breaking it into pieces while expressing gratitude and sharing what you are thankful for.

Light Candles: As a festival of light, Lammas celebrates the final long days of the year. Light candles in shades of yellow and orange, transforming the atmosphere and setting a mystical ambience. Embrace the power of fire to clear negativity, heal, and purify.

Work with Crystals: Enhance your connection with the season by incorporating crystals into your Lammas observance. Create a Lammas crystal grid, hold them during meditation, or place them on your altar. Consider using crystals like carnelian, citrine, golden healer quartz, and yellow fluorite, which resonate with abundance, empowerment, and manifestation.

Charge Your Stones in the Late Summer Sunshine: Allow your crystals to absorb the revitalising energy of the late summer Sun. However, be cautious, as some gems may fade with excessive sun exposure. A few hours in the sunlight will suffice to cleanse and charge your crystals.

As Lammas arrives, embrace the spirit of gratitude and abundance. Celebrate the season’s first harvest and prepare for the greater prosperity that autumn will bring. May this sacred holiday fill your heart with appreciation for the blessings that have flourished in your life? And so it is.

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