Massage is an ancient form of healing. Different massage strokes can have a profound effect on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body and mind. Massage is an effective way of improving circulation and increasing the elimination of toxins. It strengthens the immune system, restoring equilibrium thus promoting health and relaxation. Leaving you feeling stress-free, calm, energised and full of vitality.

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Honey & Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a modern adaptation of the ancient cupping therapy, subtle yet powerful.  It increases lymphatic flow, accelerates metabolism on the treated areas promoting rapid elimination of toxins. 

Cupping breaks down lipid pockets (cellulite) assisting with body contouring and toning of the skin.

Honey is applied to the skin then massaged until it becomes sticky; using a special technique it is worked until white pellets appear on the surface of the skin. These pellets contain toxins and salts that have been drawn from the body.

A unique and extremely effective detoxifying therapy!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

MLD is a subtle, calming wave-like form of massage designed to increase lymph and venous flow without increasing the arterial blood flow.  MLD reduces swelling, facilitates detoxification and relieves chronic pain due to inflammation, including sinusitis.  Lymphatic drainage stimulates the immune system and aids deep relaxation.

Thai Foot and Hand Massage

A massage therapy combining acupressure, gentle stretching and deep tissue massage. Focusing on the legs, feet and hands. This treatment works well in conjunction with other therapies.

Swedish Massage

A traditional form of massage incorporating effleurage or stroking, petrissage or kneading and tapotement or hacking movements, to aid health and well-being.  This massage is energising and invigorating.

Yogic Touch Therapy

This treatment is a combination of energy work, gentle massage and body stretches. Each treatment is unique depending on your requirements of that day. Easing tension and stress, facilitating body-alignment and releasing deep muscular aches and pains. Leaving you feeling connected, nourished and revitalised.

Detox Message

The treatment starts with a full body brush to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.  The body is massaged using various techniques tailored to your individual needs, with particular focus on problem areas.  Ideal for use in conjunction with a Detox plan or a a kick start to a diet regime, cleansing the body and purging the muscles of toxins.

Holistic Massage

An all encompassing massage, physically not as deep as the Swedish style of massage, but just as effective. The strokes are gentle and flowing, using oils to suit your requirements, relaxing, calming or soothing. This massage is balancing and harmonising.