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Heal Your Life®Workshops

Heal Your Life workshops and seminars are based on the principles of the book, "You Can Heal Your Life®", by Louise L. Hay and have been attended by many thousands of people worldwide.

The basic philosophy of Heal Your Life

  • Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and our feelings

  • The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our experiences

  • We can change the thoughts we think

  • What we think about ourselves becomes true for us

  • Everyone is responsible for everything in their lives

  • Every thought we think is creating our future

Part of the challenge is that we give our power away by blaming the past, other people and difficult events for our frustration. When we learn to step outside the world of blame and it our own power. Choosing to create peace, harmony and balance in our minds.

The 2 Day Workshop is based on Louise Hay's best selling book You Can Heal Your Life, you will

  • Identify and transform negative beliefs

  • Release resentments and old emotions

  • Learn techniques for personal healing in all areas of life

  • Experience a fuller understanding of the power of self-love

  • Learn mirror work, visualisation and the use of affirmations

  • Practise the techniques and welcome more of what you want in your life

  • True clarity and vision is not difficult to achieve once you have the tools to guide you

Whether you are going through a major life change, dealing with everyday stresses or would like to manifest more positive choices and opportunities in your life and feel more at peace. Louise Hay's philosophy and the tools used are prolific in their simplicity and profound in their effectiveness.

The workshops will assist you gain deeper insights into old patterns, give you tools and techniques to release fully. Feeling lighter, inspired, refreshed and ready for new beginnings.


Julia offers the 2-day Heal Your Life® Workshop, 1 day workshops on a variety of themes such as; Abundance, Deservability, Relationships, Health, Work/Success, Prosperity, Forgiveness, Change your Thoughts. Julia is a Wellness Coach, with over 30 years of experience in Holistic and Ayurvedic Health, she is delighted to offer Bespoke Personal Sessions, based on the profound teachings of Louise L. Hay.

All of the workshops are held in an absolute confidential, safe and supportive environment, focusing on heart and emotionally centred beliefs. You will be provided with tools and techniques to enhance your life, that will enhance your path of self growth. Join us on a journey to self-love, inner peace and happiness ... Change your thoughts, heal your life ...