Full Moon Menopause Ritual

Setting the Scene ~ Full Moon Ritual

Select a Tranquil Space:
Choose a quiet and comfortable space where you can have privacy and a connection to the night sky. Create an altar with items that hold personal significance, such as symbols of wisdom, maturity, and personal achievements.

Soft Illumination:
Illuminate the space with soft and calming lighting, perhaps using candles, fairy lights, or the natural glow of the moon.

Opening the Ritual

Centring Meditation:Begin the ritual with a short meditation to centre yourself. Focus on your breath, allowing any stress or tension to dissipate, and embrace the stillness of the moment.

Invocation of Wisdom:
Invoke energies associated with wisdom and completion. You may call upon a specific goddess or express gratitude for the experiences that have shaped you.

Example: "Under the radiant light of the full moon, I welcome the wisdom that accompanies the completion of one life phase and the initiation of another. I embrace the fullness of my life's journey."

Ritual Activities

Reflection on Journeys:
Take time to reflect on the diverse journeys you've undertaken throughout your life. Consider the lessons learned, challenges overcome, and the wisdom gained through your experiences.

Symbolic Release:
Write down any lingering doubts, fears, or attachments on pieces of paper. Safely burn these papers, symbolising the release of burdens and the freedom to move forward. As the ashes scatter, envision them being carried away by the winds of change.

Moon Bathing:
Spend some time basking in the moonlight, whether it's outdoors or by a window. Feel the moon's energy enveloping you, bringing a sense of calm and completion. Consider meditating during this time, allowing the moon's energy to wash over you.

Closing the Ritual

Express Gratitude:
Express gratitude for the richness of your life's experiences. Acknowledge the strength and wisdom that have come with navigating the various phases of life. Consider naming specific achievements and milestones that bring you a sense of accomplishment.

Moonlit Affirmation:
Stand in the moonlight and speak an affirmation that resonates with your journey and the wisdom you've gained.

Example: "Bathed in the glow of the full moon, I celebrate the fullness of my life. I am wise, strong, and ready to embrace the next chapter with open arms. I honour the journey that has shaped me."

Closing Blessing:
Conclude the ritual with a closing blessing, expressing your intentions for continued growth, peace, and fulfilment. You may also extend your blessings to others in your life, spreading positive energy.

Closing Thoughts

Feel free to personalise and adapt this ritual to align with your spiritual beliefs and preferences. Allow this sacred time to be a celebration of your journey, embracing the wisdom that comes with the menopausal phase. After the ritual, take some quiet time for reflection and consider journaling your thoughts, feelings, and any insights gained during this profound experience.

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Much Love & Blessings

Julia xxx

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