Finding your Purpose in 2022

Finding your Purpose Dharma


Poppy, my VA suggested I start writing a blog, beginning with ‘how to find your purpose in 2022’, I said, sure I can write about dharma/purpose, it’s how I live each day, it’s also how a coach, holistically with meaning, intention and purpose.

After we finished our call, I broke out into a cold sweat, not about sharing the meaning of dharma, but about writing from a very different space, my heart as opposed to my head!

Things have been tough for us all recently; I have noticed myself questioning everything I do. What is my dharma, my purpose in life? Is it for my highest good, aligned with my heart’s desire? Will it bring greater value and harmony into my life and the lives of those I love? Does this sound vaguely familiar?

What is dharma ~ purpose?
Dharma is the energy behind some of the most potent questions, who, why, when & what!

How do we begin to unpack a purposeful life? There are many ways to connect to a more meaningful and purposeful life strategically—thousands of books and blogs written on this topic. Of course, there is so much value in working on areas you wish to grow and expand in your life. But is this truly enough …

Let’s go a little deeper. Have you considered that your purpose in life may not do with what you do as a profession? What if your life’s purpose is to return to wholeness, awaken to who you truly are, connect to your essential nature, love yourself completely, create self-healing … integrate the parts of you that have fragmented.

Suppose this is the soul’s journey of purpose. In that case, the road is a conscious one, embodied in stillness, quietude, spaciousness, nature, harmony … the path is within, and all of the gems of wisdom you are seeking are awaiting discovery. How does this sound?

Is it possible to consider a nourishing daily practice to anchor you, starting the day with stillness and silence, moving your body in a considerate, kind way, creating time to be creative and journal, looking at how your nutrition can support a more meaningful life, space to get to know yourself? Your hearts desires, the people you spend time with, do they sustain your growth, expansion and purpose?

~ Imagine yourself living in alignment with your dharma.
~ What benefits would unfold in your life?
~ What is keeping you from discovering your inner purpose?

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