Cacao Journey

How did my journey with the medicine of cacao begin?

The journey of Cacao began in an Ashram deep in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. Under a starry indigo sky, lit by a voluptuous full Grandmother Moon, on this sacred evening, the aromatic wind blew eagerly along the banks of Ganga Ma.

Intoxicating incense wafted through the corridors, candlelight paved the way to the yoga hall, the room hushed in anticipation, altar adorned, one by one we were welcomed, smudged and anointed. The circle formed, invocation chanted, ancestors honoured, cardinal directions called in, as above, and so below and great spirit, be with us on this alchemical journey … Intentions set, the ceremony is about to begin.

Plant medicine ceremonially poured, to the spirit of cacao, we sang her name, honoured mother earth, asked spirit to guide us, allow us to know our true selves, allow us to believe in ourselves, allow us to love ourselves. Allow. Allow. Allow.

Intimately we merged, infused with intentions of our deepest heart’s desires, with wild abandonment she entered my body … I could feel my heart beating, breath slowed, ever so softly we became one. The journey into the dark, juicy and wanton space unfolded …

Hours passed and we slowly drifted back to our rooms. The familiar exotic sounds of India lulled me to sleep, grandmother moon shone her moonbeams into my humble ashram room, illuminating the pathway for ancient images to fill my dream state, whispers from beyond the thin veil of consciousness, heart cracked open wide, a yearning deep in my yoni … I floated through the sands of time, temple settings, swirling and dancing as a high priestess, an Amazonian woman tending to the earth, deeper and deeper I travelled until I was one with the Light.

A cellular change took place that evening, I knew I had found my plant teacher, my guide and I re-membered this was not the first time cacao had been my medicine … Welcome home my love, I have been waiting for you!

This was my initiation into the goddess of cacao … full moon to full moon, years rolled by, close by my side she remained, ever-present, patiently waiting …

Fast forward 5 years, I have just written a book with 33 other women …

The Women who Gathered

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