Ayurveda Therapy

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of natural health care, originating in the ancient traditions of India. It is a multifaceted system, rather than treating the symptoms, it treats the whole person, working holistically combining nutrition, herbal remedies, yoga and massage. Ayurveda comprehensively address the factors that influence the quality of life. One guiding principle of Ayurveda is that mind and body are connected and that the mind has a profound influence over health and well-being.

Ayurvedic massage is an important part of Ayurvedic therapy. The massage works on the marma points, opening up 'energy' channels which are believed to cause an imbalance or blockage.

portrait of young beautiful woman in spa environment.

Shirodhara ~ Third Eye Drip

Warm oils are gently poured in a dynamic movement over the forehead (third eye) in a continuous calm drip. Profoundly relaxing, calms the mind and induces rest.

Benefits - Improves sinusitis, colds, insomnia.

Shirobhyanga ~ Head, Neck and Shoulder massage

A detoxifying upper body massage is relaxing and focuses on the marma points and leaves the head, neck and shoulder area feeling rejuvenated.

Benefits - Reduces stress, strain and migraines

Udwarthanan ~ Slimming Therapy

A unique therapy where specially prepared herbal powders are gently rubbed over the body to help to reduce subcutaneous fat and remove dead cells of skin.

Benefits - Increases poor circulation, ideal for cellulite and slimmers

Soundaryam Vardhini ~ Facial Massage

Freshly prepared fruit and vegetable herbal cream are mixed according to ones 'dosha'. Through gentle strokes the massage covers the face, neck and shoulders focusing on the marma points.

Benefits - Refreshes the senses, rejuvenates and cleanses the skin.

Abhyang Snanam ~ Full Body Massage

A gentle choreographed rhythmic massage uses warm herbal oils to enhance skin tone, loosen internal toxins and induce deep relaxation as it balances mind and body. Leaving you feeling revitalised in total state of bliss.

Benefits - Aids detoxification, induces relaxation, increases circulation, improves fatigue

Ngavara ~ Herbal powder bolus massage

Hot medicated herbal plants are tied in a muslin cloth and made into a bolus. After warming, it is applied all over the body.

Benefits - Rejuvenates, nourishes and strengthens muscles.

Padabhyanga ~ Foot and Leg

A highly relaxing massage, special oils are used to revitalise tired feet, incorporating energy points which connect to the rest of the body, the massage harmonises the entire body.

Benefits - Increases blood circulation, treats varicose veins and reduces swelling.