Akashic Records

In Sanskrit, Akashic means space, ether or 'that which holds all'. A compendium of information which transcends all realms and dimensions and can be thought of as a massive library of information.

More than a reservoir of events, the Akashic records are the book of life containing deeds, words and feelings, thoughts and intentions that have taken place in the history of the Earth.

The Akashic Records are a dynamic repository containing information about the soul on its journey. In simple language, it is fair to call the akashic records a vibrational archive system of thoughts, intentions, words, emotions, and actions generated by the soul experience as it begins. Your record guide on Earth translates past and present information and reports future possibilities.

The Akashic records can also be thought of as a celestial mirror, reflecting our choices and desires, and when required provide an audience with our Higher Self to understand how these choices have impacted us. For example, a creative person in a number-crunching job that doesn't align with their soul path will feel depleted and unhappy. Accessing the reasons behind this choice gives them the option to align with their soul's purpose, and make a choice that brings them into their bliss.

What can an Akashic session help with?

The Akashic records help identify the unchanging core of our own individual selves and help us understand and eventually confront the fears, phobias and other energetic blocks and patterns we carry through from childhood and even past lifetimes. They help us understand and identify patterns that no longer suit us or the reasons we continue to attract certain types of situations, people in our lives over and over again. Based on this deep understanding, we can initiate changes to start afresh making new and better choices, which are more aligned to our true nature.

  • Discover your purpose of life

  • Clear blocks and limiting beliefs

  • Connect to your soul vibration

  • Heal at a physical, emotional and mental level

  • Find your North Star, your inner map

  • Feel connected with the Divine

  • Clear fears, anxiety and phobias

  • Create choices based on your soul's wisdom

  • Identify limitless possibilities

  • Align with your heart's desires

  • Identify your soul's potenial and strength

Julia’s Signature Coaching may also include:

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Guided Visualisations

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Breathwork & Relaxation

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An inner journey to the Akashic Records

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Journaling & Guidance

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why"

Mark Twain

There are two options to connect.

  • Privately in Greenwich or Marylebone, London

  • Online via Zoom

This means I can work with you wherever you are in the world!

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As a spiritual guide, I am also there for you via WhatsApp messenger in the challenging or celebratory moments between our sessions. I only working with a handful of clients to be fully present for our co-creation.