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Namaste Yoginis & Yogis ... Apologies for the second newsletter ... Yog Sundari is ready to close down, there are too many glitches ... Thank you xxx Please sign up to ...

40 Days of Practice

The Technology of 40 days Thousands of years ago yogis became aware that it is possible to adjust one's life through changing one's habits. Actually this seems like a simple ...

13 Moons

Thirteen Moons Women I hear you cry ... Arrrr ... I live too far away!!! I can't attend Wild Woman Wisdom .... Don't worry I have an offering for you! ...

Wild Woman Wisdom

Springtime Greetings ... Something magical has been bubbling deep within me for quite some time. Over the last few months my spiritual quest has been that of an inward journey. ...

About Julia Anastasiou

Julia lives in London and is married with two boys who have both flown the nest to enjoy university life. As a family, they all share a great love for the light of their lives, a pug named Luna.

Julia’s journey within the Healing Arts and Holistic Well-Being began in 1994 while living in New York. Since then she has studied and qualified in a plethora of techniques and modalities, from teachers all around the world.

Julia has balanced the life of a mother, Holistic Therapist, and Ayurvedic Practitioner for over 24 years. Most recently her attention has been drawn to the female cycles and the journey of transition women go through during their lives, many of her clients and students were in the dark about these changes of peri-menopause and the menopause. As a holistic therapist, Julia works to hold space for the feelings and sensations such as: isolation, confusion, and abandonment by society that may arise during these transitional stages. Read more